The Business Model Innovation Factory

by BIF Founder and Chief Catalyst, Saul Kaplan

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How to Stay Relevant When the World is Changing

Blockbuster’s executives saw Netflix coming. Yet they stuck with their bricks-and-mortar business model, losing billions in shareholder value. They were “netflixed.”

Business models just don’t last as long as they used to. Historically, CEOs have managed a single business model over their entire careers. Today, all organizations must be capable of designing, prototyping, and experimenting with new business models. The Business Model Innovation Factory provides leaders with the survival skills to create a pipeline of new business models in the face of disruptive markets and competition.

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What They're Saying

To be competitive and stay competitive in today's business environment, you have to be fast on your feet. Saul Kaplan knows how to take innovation from napkin sketch to market share, and in this book he teaches you exactly how to create your own "innovation factory" from scratch. But be careful - once you start working with these ideas, it might be hard to stop!"

Daniel H. Pink

Daniel H. Pink author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

Saul Kaplan, the innovator's innovator, shows you how to transform the sense of what's possible in your field, whether you're running a company or leading a community. If you want to win big, you have to change the game. This inspiring and instructive book is a game plan for game-changers.

William C. Taylor

William C. Taylor Co-Founding Editor, Fast Company and author Practically Radical

Saul gets below the buzzwords of innovation and provides an inspiring and actionable roadmap to help transform how any organization creates, delivers and captures value. The Business Model Innovation Factory is a must read for any leader who wants to deliver innovation in the 21st century.

Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

Saul Kaplan is a one-man business model innovation factory! Every established leader and budding entrepreneur needs to read this book to find the way to real market-making innovation. Buy it, read it, do it!

Alan M. Webber

Alan M. Webber Co-Founding Editor, Fast Company and author Rules of Thumb

Saul understands the scale of change needed in our times, the ways to breakthrough innovation, and that the creative skills that will carry us there will come from design-centered approaches instead of traditional business ones.

John Maeda

John Maeda President, Rhode Island School of Design and author The Laws of Simplicity

This is a timely and compelling book. It shows us a path to pursuing a more powerful form of innovation that has been largely ignored by executives. We will continue to ignore it at our peril. This book shows us how to turn mounting pressure into expanding opportunities for value creation and value capture.

John Hagel

John Hagel co-author of The Power of Pull and co-chairman of the Center for the Edge.

Over the years Saul has brought together an amazing band of innovators to explore the nature, content and direction of their work. Anybody interested in innovation has benefited enormously from his work. Now he presents us with what is certain to end up a well-thumbed “bible” of innovation of all kinds. The world needs this book!

Len Schlesinger

Len Schlesinger President, Babson College

Every year I look forward to attending Saul Kaplan's incredible Business Innovation Factory conference to learn more about creativity, innovation and the wonderful art of story-telling. Now Saul is bringing together those stories plus all his real-world experience as a full-fledged entrepreneur, government policy-maker and "innovation junkie" to offer us the gift of a remarkable book. Saul is dead-on in saying that incremental innovation won't hack it in the 21st century. Every CEO needs a business model innovation factory.

Bruce Nussbaum

Bruce Nussbaum Former Assistant Managing Editor, Businessweek and Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons School of Design

In established corporations, disruption has been like the weather--incessantly discussed, never deployed. Now Saul Kaplan--plainspoken, practical, and pugnacious--documents the principles, the tools, and the stories that prove business model change can be part of an organization's repertoire. This is the handbook for those who will no longer settle for the incremental.

Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer Founder, Monitor Talent and author Standing on the Sun

New products and shining new technologies alone don't give you a competitive edge anymore. Tweaks to your current business model won't keep you ahead for long. Saul's book shows you how to address this by building business model innovation factories. It's the next step for any leader who wants to get to or stay at the head of the league table.

Alexander Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder author of Business Model Generation

Forget episodic or incremental innovation. The Business Model Innovation Factory by Saul Kaplan shows how your future rests on business model innovation. Learn the fifteen principles that are critical to success.

About the Author

Saul Kaplan
Hear Saul Kaplan talk about the BMIF book

Saul Kaplan is the founder and chief catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF), a real-world laboratory for exploring and testing new business models and social systems. BIF has attracted a global community of over 5,000 innovators and organizes the internationally renowned BIF Collaborative Innovation Summit. Saul shares his innovation musings on Twitter (@skap5) and his blog (It’s Saul Connected), and as regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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